How Long is a Paper Towel Roll?

A paper towel roll is a handy item for our daily life. You can use it for different purposes like mopping up spills and household cleaning tasks. But the most important question is “How long is a paper towel roll” for proper use? Understanding the dimensions of tissue paper rolls helps you make better purchasing decisions if you are trying to stock up for your house.

Standard Measurements of Paper Towel RollĀ 

Different brands have different types of paper towels and their lengths vary, but there are some standard measurements you can take into account:

  • Length
  • Number of Sheets
  • Sheets Dimensions


A typical roll is normally 11 inches long.

Number of Sheets:

The number of sheets of tissue paper roll depends on the manufacturer and quality but a typical roll consists of 100 sheets.

Sheets Dimensions:

The dimensions of each sheet are usually 11 by 11 inches.

Length of paper towel roll
Typical Number of Sheets
Dimension of Each Sheet 11 by 11 inches

Different Brands and Types of Paper Towels

As mentioned above different brands have different types of paper towel rolls therefore all of these towel rolls are not created equal.

Let’s compare some popular brands of paper towels:

1. Bounty Paper Towels

Length: 11 inches

Number of sheets: 140 sheets (Per Roll)

Specialty: Highly Absorbent

2. Kirkland Paper Towels

Length: 11 inches

Width: 7 inches

Number of sheets: 160 (Per Roll)

3. Brawny Paper Towels

Length: 11.5 inches

Number of sheets: 125 (Per Roll)

Special Feature: Highly Absorbent

bounty paper towels
Kirkland Paper Towels
Brawny paper towels

4. Viva Paper Towels:

Length: 11.8 inches

Number of sheets: 165 (Per Roll)

Special Feature: Perforated, Disposable

5. Sparkle Paper Towels

Length: 14.15 inches

Number of sheets: 110 (Per Roll)

Specialty: Disposable

6. Presto Paper Towels

Length: 11 inches

Number of sheets: 158 (Per Roll)

Special Feature: Highly Absorbent

viva paper towels
sparkle paper towels
presto paper towels

You can choose paper towels according to your intended use by comparing different dimensions like length, specialty, or number of sheets.

Visually Understand Paper Towel Roll Dimensions

To give you the more clearer answer to the question “How long is a paper towel roll” the following is an infographic showing the dimensions:

11 Inches
1 Sheet

Practical Information for Everyday Use

Knowing the size of tissue paper rolls is not only the answer to the question, but it also has practical implications.

For example, if you are managing a large household, knowing the dimensions of paper towels will help you easily understand the number of rolls you want for your household.

Additionally, if you are planning a big event, understanding how long is a paper towel roll can be very helpful for you based on your use patterns.

paper towels for big events

Tips for Maximizing the Use of Paper Towel Rolls

  • To maximize the use, you should choose select-a-size rolls because these rolls have smaller sheet sizes for minor spills and reduce waste.
  • Put your paper towels in a clean and dry place. This will help you maintain their absorbency and durability.
  • Other than cleaning, you can also use paper towel rolls for creative household tasks like wrapping items and lining shelves with rolled towels.
  • These rolls can also be used in DIY Projects.
Paper towel rolls for lining shelves


You should understand how long is a paper towel roll if you are planning a shopping trip for your household needs. Comparing different brands will keep you well-prepared and help you make the best choices. Paper towels also have practical advantages so knowing their dimensions ensures you always have enough on hand for your needs.

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