How to Roll a Towel?

Towel rolling is a useful way to store towels and gives a well-organized touch to bathrooms, kitchens, and spa-like settings. In this article at home of towels, you will learn easy tips on how to roll a towel for storage.

Rolling a towel is a popular choice for people looking for towel storage. Also, it is a pleasing alternative to traditional folding techniques.

You should learn how to fold towels in a roll if you have a lot of towels but a small storage space because the roll towel method is an effective way to make them easy to store.

The purpose of rolling a towel is to aesthetically arrange and store towels in a visually appealing manner. You can flip the towel to conserve room in line closets instead of folding it flat. You can also display it decoratively and quickly retrieve a neatly rolled towel when needed.

Rolled Towel Placed on a Flat Surface

Things to Consider Before Towel Rolling

When choosing the right type and size of the towel for rolling, it is important to consider the intended purpose, user comfort, and overall aesthetics.

In addition, the towel’s fabric and thickness impact how effectively they roll and maintain their shape.

woman considering things before rolling a towel

Steps Involved in Rolling a Towel

Step-wise understanding of how to roll a towel is necessary to get a better outcome and save storage. The following steps are included in the roll towel method:

  • Preparation
  • Folding the Towel
  • Rolling the Towel
  • Securing the Towel

Step 1: Preparation

First, place a clean and dry towel on a flat surface before rolling. You can also use fabric softener and fabric spray starch to give the towel a nice smell or help the towel maintain its shape.
After laying the towel on a flat surface make sure that it is free of any wrinkles or folds.


Step 2: Folding the Towel

Fold the towel lengthwise in half. Match the corners and edges of the towel as closely as you can. By folding once more bring the folded edge toward the open edge.
Straighten the corners and edges neatly. This helps to ensure the straight folds. For this step, you should have a proper understanding of how to fold a towel.

Folding the towel

Step 3: Rolling the Towel

Start rolling the folded towel from one end. Keeping the roll as tight and even as you can, roll it in the direction of the opposite end.

Continue rolling, ensuring that every turn fits snugly against the previous one. This helps in maintaining the roll uniform. Check the tightness of the roll after regular intervals. If needed, adjust the tightness by rolling it up and checking that the borders are precisely aligned.

Rolling the Towel

Step 4: Securing the Towel

Securing the towel is important to prevent the towel from unraveling. You can do it in several methods:

  • To Secure the loose end, tuck the loose end into the rolled portion.
  • For added security, use a ribbon, twine, or the fabric tie or loop of the towel around the rolled towel.

Securing the towel

How to Roll a Towel Like a Spa?

Rolling towels like a spa can enhance your bathroom décor. It gives a refreshing feel to you and anyone who comes to your bathroom. From your home, you have a feeling of spa every day.

How to roll a towel like a spa

A comprehensive guide on how to roll a towel like a spa is given below:

Materials Required for Rolling Towels:

  • Folded and Cleaned towels
  • A Flat Surface (Like a Table)

Step-by-step Guide:

Choose the Type of Towels:

Start with neat and clean towels that are folded too. Medium and large-size towels work more precisely for spa-like towel rolls.

Lay the towel on a Flat Surface:

Use a flat surface like a table or countertop for laying down the towel having a folding edge facing towards you.

Fold One-Third of the Towel:

Fold one-third of the towel in the direction of the center. As you go, smooth out any wrinkles.

Folding the other side:

Fold the other third of the towel in the direction of the center, just overlapping the first fold. This produced a neat, layered look.

Start Rolling the Towel:

Start rolling the towel from one end to the other. Keep the roll even and tight.

Secure and Display the Roll:

To secure the roll of the towel in place, tuck the loose end underneath the rolled towel once you have reached the end. This helps the roll to maintain its shape.

Put your rolled towels in a basket or open shelve for proper display with a rolled side facing outward. A spa-like atmosphere can be arranged with multiple rolls of towels together.

Other Creative Methods for Rolling Towels

Certainly! There are several different ways to towel rolling which make people interested in how to roll a towel, and the towel rolling method you select can give the presentation a creative or artistic touch. Here are some alternative techniques for towel rolling styles:

  • Roll a Towel with Cylinder and Ribbon
  • Double Rolling
  • Fan Folding Roll
  • Diagonal rolling
  • Tied and Rolled with Strips of Fabric

Tips for Maintaining Rolled Towels

Maintenance of rolled towels cannot be neglected when understanding how to roll a towel. Here are some tips to make sure that your rolled towels last a long time:

Regularly Rotate Your Towels:

To prevent uneven wear and fading, periodically rotate the rolled towels in displays or storage. This makes sure that every towel is equally used and exposed.

Moisture Checking:

Regularly look for indications of moisture in the storage space. Keep the storage space dry because if it is damp it can cause mildew. Use moisture-absorbing items to make sure there is enough airflow.

Moisture checking on rolled towel

Avoid Direct Sunlight:

Colors can fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Place the rolled towels away from windows and use window coverings to cover them if you are using them for decoration.

Used Liners in Storage Baskets:

To keep rolled towels free of dust and grime, consider using liners if they are placed in baskets or bins. Cleaning and maintenance of storage containers are also made easy by using liners.

Prevent Overcrowding:

Prevent over-crowding if rolled towels are placed in line closets. This prevents the towel from becoming musty. It is also easier to collect towels with adequate spacing without upsetting the overall arrangement.

Make use of Fabric Fresheners:

By using fabric fresheners and sachets you can keep rolled towels smelling fresh. Use fragrances that blend in with the general atmosphere of the room.

Fabric fresheners with rolled towel

Benefits of Rolling a Towel

It is important to understand how to roll up a towel because rolling a towel has the following advantages:

  • Storage and Organization
  • Home Décor
  • Prevention of Mildew

Storage and Organization:

Rolled towels make optimal use of available space in bathrooms, line closets, gyms, and, spas. This optimization helps create an organized and uncluttered environment. Moreover, you can also identify the rolled towel easily and make use of it.

Home Décor:

Arranging rolled towels in a visually appealing manner enhances the overall décor of the home. They can be arranged in attractive baskets or open shelves adding an elegant touch and promoting a neat appearance.

Home décor with rolled towel

Prevention of Mildew:

Rolling your towels helps prevent messiness that can result from carelessly folded towels because rolled towels are less likely to become unorganized maintaining a cleaner and ordered space.


How to roll a towel fancy?

Tightly roll the towel from one end to the other after folding it into thirds. After this, secure the roll by tucking the loose end underneath. Place it horizontally for a fancy look.

How do you roll a hotel towel?

Start by laying down the hotel towel on a flat surface then roll tightly from one end to another creating a neat and compact roll.

How do you roll a beach towel?

Lay a beach towel on a flat surface, fold in the edges, then roll it tightly from one end to another. For easily carrying sand cloud beach towel roll it with a rubber band.

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