How to Use a Sanitation Towel?

What is a Sanitation Towel?

A sanitary towel is usually referred to as a personal wipe or hygiene towel. It is essential for keeping things clean and stopping the spread of dangerous bacteria and germs. Different towels have different designs but unlike other towels, this towel has unique properties to ensure effective cleansing and sanitation.

Disinfection and cleaning are two unique qualities of a sanitation towel that make it indispensable for preserving a hygienic and germ-free environment. If these towels are used in the right way, they effectively remove harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from the surfaces.

There are a variety of forms available for this towel:

  • Disposable and Reusable Varieties
  • Made from absorbent materials like Microfiber
  • Made from Non-woven fabrics

Different Types of Sanitation Towels Available in the Market

There are various types of sanitary towels available in the market but the most important ones are given below:

  • Regular Pads
  • Ultra-Thin Pads
  • Overnight Pads
  • Pantyliners
  • Reusable Cloth Pads

Difference between Sanitary Towels and Pads

Regular pads also known as “Sanitary pads” and “Menstrual pads “are absorbent materials worn in underwear to absorb menstrual flow during menstruation. They have layers of absorbent material with waterproof back to prevent leakage.

Sanitary Pad

On the other hand, sanitation towels are a specific type of menstrual hygiene product designed for managing menstrual flow and for specific needs such as those with added features like extra-long length, odor control, or material for sensitive skin. These are also made up of absorbent material.

Choosing the Right Sanitation Towel

When choosing the right sanitation towel, it’s very important to consider personal preferences like comfort, flow intensity, sensitivities, and any specific needs.

Moreover, different brands have different product terminology therefore it’s very helpful to read labels and descriptions of a product before choosing it. You can also consult with a healthcare specialist for individual needs.

How to Use a Sanitation Towel?

A Sanitation towel should be used carefully from unpacking to disposal for the maintenance of cleanliness.

  • Unpacking and Unwrapping
  • Proper Positioning on Underwear
  • Disposal

Unpacking and Unwrapping

The process of opening or unwrapping a sanitary towel is also known as a sanitary napkin or pad. For this Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. It has a tear strip or marked opening usually, you should gently open the packaging from the designated opening without doing any harm to the towel inside, for the proper maintenance of hygiene. Take out the towel, it may be folded and have adhesive on one side.

Proper Positioning on Underwear

A sanitation towel must be placed in the center of your underwear. make sure that the adhesive side of the towel sticks to the fabric of your underwear. If the pad has wings, fold them over the sides of your underwear to secure it in place. Make sure the towel covers the necessary area to provide maximum protection. This way of unwrapping and placement of sanitary pads is essential for hygiene maintenance.


Only use sealable plastic bags and biodegradable bags for the disposal of sanitary pads. Also, wash your hands with soap after handling used sanitation products to maintain personal hygiene.

Tips for Comfort and Effectiveness

Comfortability is the first thing to consider when choosing a sanitation towel. Make sure that the one you choose fits your body size. The right size helps prevent optimal absorption and leakage.

The other important thing is to select a sanitary pad with wings because wings help keep the towel in place preventing side leakage.

Also, choose fragrance-free sanitary towels that are made with soft materials because fragrances and harsh chemicals can irritate, especially in sensitive areas.

Proper Storage and Handling

To prevent moisture build-up, a sanitation towel should be placed in a cool dry place. Sunlight and heat can negatively impact the effectiveness of this towel so it should be kept away from direct sunlight and heat.

This towel has special packing to protect it from external elements, so unpack it only when you are ready to use it. For the maintenance of overall hygiene, it should be kept in a clean and dust-free environment.

Dealing With Different Types of Menstrual Flows

Menstrual flow has different types:

  • Light flow
  • Moderate flow
  • Heavy flow
  • Night time flow

You should know how to tackle every type with proper hygiene maintenance.

  • Panty liners and light-absorbency pads are effective for light flow. You can also use menstrual underwear because this is a very comfortable and eco-friendly option.
  • In case of moderate flow, you should use regular pads. Change pads every 4 to 6 hours for the maintenance of cleanliness and to prevent leakage.
  • High-absorbency pads or overnight pads must be used during high-flow days. To prevent leakage, change the pads frequently about every 2 to 4 hours.
  • High absorbency pads or specially designed overnight pads are also used for nighttime flow. The extra tip is to wear dark-colored and old underwear to minimize any potential staining.

Other Uses of a Sanitation Towel

Besides menstrual flow, sanitation towel can be used anywhere in the house including bathrooms, kitchens, workout rooms, laundry rooms, and in any place that need to be cleaned up.

So, if you want an eco-friendly way to keep your home without using toxic chemicals a sanitation towel is the best option.


What is the meaning of a Sanitary towel?

A sanitary towel is an absorbent item for individuals, primarily for women to control menstrual flow. It comes in different shapes and sizes and is made up of absorbent material to prevent leakage.

Can you put a sanitary towel in the toilet?

This towel is not designed to break down in the water. You should not put them in the toilet because this may cause plumbing issues and can also damage the sewage system. Therefore, a lead bin should be used for the disposal of sanitary towels.

Can I wear a sanitary towel every day?

Yes! Several girls and women like to wear pads during menstrual flow and wear an extra thin pad made for everyday wear.

Are used sanitary towels hazardous waste?

Used sanitary towels are a non-hazardous waste but for the cleanliness of the environment, they should be disposed of separately to maintain public health.

When should sanitation towels be replaced?

Replacement of sanitation towels depends on the type of menstrual flow and absorption of the pad. However, it is suggested that they should be regularly replaced for the proper maintenance of hygiene.

Hope after reading this article you have got the answers to all the queries about a sanitation towel and you are ready to buy one for your needs.

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