How to Use a Cooling Towel?

What is a Cooling Towel?

A cooling towel works on the principle of evaporative cooling. This towel is specifically designed to provide people an immediate relief from heat.

These towels are made from highly absorbent materials that retain water and promote evaporation, which gives you a refreshing cooling sensation when you place cooling towels on the body.

Mostly, people use these towels during physical activities, travel, outdoor adventures, and in hot weather conditions because these towels help maintain a cool and refreshed environment anywhere.

Continue reading about how to use a cooling towel to beat the heat and stay cool and refreshed anywhere.

How does a Cooling Towel Work?

As mentioned above, cooling towels work on the principles of evaporative cooling. When you saturate a cooling with water and then squeeze it to remove excess moisture, a considerable amount of water is retained within its fibers.

When you expose it to air, the surface of its fiber starts evaporating the water with the help of heat energy extracted from the surrounding environment including your skin.

Due to this evaporation, your skin feels a decrease in temperature that gives you a cooling and refreshing sensation.

How does a Cooling Towel Work?

How to Choose the Right Cooling Towel?

Different people have different intended uses of cooling towels but there are some factors we recommend to consider when choosing the right cooling towel. The following factors help you make the right choice:

  • Size
  • Material


Before understanding how to use a cooling towel, you should choose the right size of the towel. Cooling towels are available in a range of sizes, so select the one that fits your needs and intended use.

Always consider your intended use because if you choose large cooling towels they may be bulkier to carry but offer more coverage. On the other hand, small cooling towels provide less coverage but are portable.


We recommend you choose the cooling towel made from materials like microfiber, PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), or a blend of synthetic fabrics. Cooling towels made from these materials are soft, lightweight, and highly absorbent because each material has its unique characteristics.

How to choose a right cooling towel?

Preparation Before Using a Cooling Towel

Before using a cooling towel, you should properly prepare it to obtain the best results. The following preparations should be done properly:

  • Cooling Technology Activation
  • Pre-soaking

Cooling Technology Activation:

Cooling towels have a unique cooling technology or components embedded in the fabric, like polymers or chemicals. These components produce a refreshing and cooling effect for you by interacting with water.

You should activate this cooling technology before using but don’t forget to read the instructions given by the manufacturer.


To get the most out of a cooling towel you should soak it in water before use. Then, submerge the towel in cold water for the specific time given in the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

This process helps the fabric of the towel to soak up water and activate its cooling and refreshing effects for you.

Pre Soaking Cooling Towel

Step-by-step guide on How to Use a Cooling Towel

Step 1: Initial Soaking

Start by submerging the cooling towel in cooled water for approximately 1-2 minutes, be patient and make sure the towel is thoroughly soaked.

Step 2: Wring Out Excess Water

After soaking, squeeze out the additional moisture from the towel but don’t squeeze too hard because it may impact its ability to provide you a cooling sensation.

Step 3: Shaking the Towel

Shake the towel with your hands quickly to activate its cooling technology. Your shaking helps in evenly distributing the moisture across the fabric.

Step 4: Wrap or Fold

You can either fold or roll the towel or wrap it around your neck, head, or any other preferred body part. Moreover, you can drape it over your shoulders or utilize it as a headband.

Step 5: Cooling Sensation

As the water evaporates from the towel, it will produce a cooling sensation on your skin. You should adjust or dampen the towel as needed to maintain the preferred level of cooling.

Step 6: Re-soak the Towel

When you feel the towel begins to dry up or lose its cooling effect, re-soak the towel. We recommend to re-soak after every 30 to 60 minutes.

Step 7: Store the Towel

After using the cooling towel, you should wash it with fresh water and let it dry completely in the air. Keep it in a cool and dry place until its next use.

Other Uses of Cooling Towels

The query “How to use a cooling towel” is incomplete without discussing the other uses of a cooling towel. Let us discuss the other uses of cooling towels:

1. During Workouts

You can use cooling towels for physical activities as they provide instant relief from heat during any kind of physical activity. During workouts, these towels enhance the overall performance, provide complete comfort, and help in recovery.

cooling towel during workout

2. During Outdoor Adventures

During outdoor adventures like hiking and camping, cooling towels help you enjoy the adventures safely by providing relief from the heat.

cooling towel for outdoor adventures

3. During Travel

If you are on a road trip or long flight, cooling towels help you get cool and refreshed. These towels are portable and are the best options for travel enthusiasts.

cooling towel during travel

4. For Medical Purposes

Despite being useful for staying cool and refreshed, cooling towels are also used for medical purposes. Commonly these towels are used to cure high fever, in the treatment of pain and health-related conditions. These are useful for patients facing various medical challenges.

cooling towel for medical purposes

Safety Considerations When Using Cooling Towels

When understanding how to use a cooling towel, prioritizing safety is very important to prevent any dangerous effects.

  • First of all, read the instructions of the manufacturer and the duration of time used carefully.
  • Follow the washing instructions for cooling towels to keep them safe for future use.
  • Do not over-cool these towels because it can cause discomfort.
  • Keep monitoring the response of your body while using a cooling towel and remove it immediately if you feel discomfort.
  • Keep the towel clean to prevent skin infections.

Washing Instructions for Cooling Towels

After using a cooling towel, place it into the laundry and run a delicate washing cycle using a mild detergent, then hang the towel in a ventilated area to allow it to air dry, preferably close to a window.

Washing Instructions for cooling towels

Benefits of Using Cooling Towels

It is important to have complete knowledge of “how to use a cooling towel” because these towels have the following advantages:

Keeps Temperature Cool:

In hot weather, cooing towels regulate the body temperature through evaporative cooling providing comfort and preventing overheating.


Immediate Refreshment:

Cooling towels provide instant relief from heat, hot weather, and during intense workouts.


These towels are easy to carry on road trips, traveling, outdoor activities, and in any place where you need instant relief from the heat.


There are various uses of cooling towels such as rolling them around a neck like you do to crack your neck with a towel. Moreover, you can place it on your head and wipe it down the body or where you feel comfortable.


Cooling towels have multiple uses and are very affordable. Their cost-effectiveness makes them the best cooling solutions as compared to other cooling products.

Other Ways to Stay Cool and Refreshed

Despite understanding how to use a cooling towel, it is also important to know the other methods of staying cool and refreshed:

  1. Wear Lightweight Sunscreen to keep your skin cool
  2. Drink more water to stay hydrated, about 3 to 4 liters per day.
  3. Wear a moistened T-shirt when you are going outside.
  4. Avoid heavy or junk food and eat lightweight meals to help your body stay cool.


How long does a cooling towel last?

The total cooling duration of a cooling towel depends on different factors but the most important factor is the amount of water in the towel. Commonly, when a cooling towel is activated, it lasts up to 5 hours.

Where do you put a cooling towel?

You can put it on the shoulders, or head, or roll the towel around your neck. It takes a few centimeters of space and is very lightweight which makes it portable.

How to use a cooling towel to stay cool anywhere?

To stay cool and refreshed anywhere, simply put a cooling towel into Ziploc bags. Put Ziploc bags into a cooler having icy water and you will be refreshing.

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