How to Use a Hair Towel? | Best Haircare Tips

Haircare is an important process when trying to get healthy and beautiful hair. There is a wide array of tools and products that are readily available. One of the most disregarded, however, is the traditional hair towel.

Have you ever wondered why your hair tends to be frizzy and unmanageable even when you do your best? The solution could be the way one dries the hair after the shower. Be reassured, that this article will revolutionize your hair care routine.

In this ultimate guide at home of towels, we will explore how to use a hair towel, the mysteries of hair towel usage, and discover its most commonly seen life-changing advantages.

What is a Hair Towel?

A hair towel is a special one usable for drying hair after a bath. Unlike regular towels, which can be rough and abrasive, hair towels are designed using soft and absorbent materials to prevent frizz and damage during drying.

Choosing the Right Hair Towel

Hair towels are made of materials that give them numerous qualities that suit different hair types.

Microfiber Hair Towels are very absorbent and fast-drying which makes them perfect for cutting down the drying time and preventing frizz.

The Cotton Hair Towels are smooth compared to the Bamboo Hair Towels, which have antimicrobial properties making them suitable.

Before understanding how to use a hair towel, choosing the right hair towel is important. The following factors should be considered for selecting the right hair towel:

  • Absorbency
  • Size
  • Texture


Towels made from materials like microfiber are highly absorbent. Choose a hair towel that is absorbent enough to soak up excess water from your hair.


Different people have different lengths of hair. Choose a towel that is appropriately sized for your hair length and thickness.


To avoid frizz and damage, choose a towel that has a soft and gentle texture.

Types of Hair Towels

Preparing Your Hair for Towel Drying

Before using a hair towel, it is essential to prepare your hair for towel drying to maintain its health. First, you should thoroughly wash your hair making sure there is no residue left behind (you can use shampoo or conditioner for washing).

After washing, squeeze out excess water from your hair to avoid pulling and tugging. Make sure you have removed the maximum amount of water.

This sets the stage for towel drying, demonstrating how to use a hair towel, which leaves your hair feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated.

Preparing Your Hair for Towel Drying

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use a Hair Towel

Using a hair towel for drying is an important technique to maintain its health. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to use a hair towel for drying:

Step 1

Wash your hair as per your normal routine before using a hair towel. Make sure your hair is as clean as possible and well-treated to avoid any drying process-related damages.

Step 2

Softly compress water from your hair without damaging the hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly and after this squeeze out any excessive water. Try not to rub or wring your hair because this will cause damage.

Step 3

Cover your hair with a satin or silk headscarf. For short hair, gather the towel at the end of your hair, near your neck, and twist it into a scarf. For medium and long hair, you should collect all the hair at the nape put the towel around it, and tighten it until it is secured in place.

Step 4

Tie the towel in a suitable knot for using a hair towel. Place the hair towel in the preferred method, either as a do-rag or headwrap. You can clean the edges of the towel by tying buttons or using an elastic strip if the towel has one.

The trick is to keep the towel in place and of course, have the hair dry the quick but feasible natural way.

Step 5

Place your hair towel properly and allow your natural hair to dry slowly. The fibers of the towel help absorb the excess moisture from the hair and prevent additional damage or breakage of the hair.

Step 6

Let your hair out of the towel. When your hair is toweled-dried well, the towel must be loosened to remove it. Handle the towel gently so as not to affect your hair in the process of causing frizz or damage.

If you have tight curly or gentle hair, using a microfiber cloth for a gentle treatment would be a suitable recommendation for using a curly hair towel.

Tips for Removing the Towel Without Damage

  1. Do not unwrap the towel, gently pat your hair to allow it to absorb all the remaining moisture.
  2. Unfold your fingers to delicately release the towel from your hair, beginning from the ends and then proceeding up until you are through.
  3. If you discover any places that still seem moist like under the skirt or in the backs of crevices, let them dry naturally or gently dry them using a diffuser attachment on a blow dryer.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Hair Towel

  • To maintain hair health, do not rub it violently and refrain from keeping it wrapped for a long time by using a towel.
  • Pick a towel for your hair type to avoid hair damage. Absent this step, you risk ruining your hair during the drying process.

Common mistakes to avoid for removing hair towel

Styling Your Hair Using a Hair Towel

Styling your hair with a towel is very simple and effective. Gently remove excess water from your hair using a hair towel after a shower. Be careful and avoid rubbing because it can cause damage and frizz. Allow your hair to dry naturally.

Gently compress the towel to encourage natural waves to form stylish waves or curls showing effortless texture. Whether you desire a smooth and refined appearance or choose to embrace the natural texture of your hair, mastering how to use a hair towel is an essential aspect of your beauty routine.

Styling Your Hair Using a Hair Towel

How to Wash Hair Towel?

To know how to use a hair towel, first, you must wash the towel with a delicate detergent to exclude any substances that could negatively impact water absorbency. On a low heat tumble dry or an air dry to prevent it from losing its shape. It eliminates the oil and residual product accumulation with regular washing.

Apply a light soap, with no harsh chemicals at all to prolong the life of the towel. Wash your clothes in an air dryer mode to avoid fabric damage from high temperatures. As long as you maintain it, your hair turban will be your right hand for years.

How to Wash Hair Towel

Benefits of Using Hair Towels

Understanding how to use a hair towel will positively benefit your hair as it has the following benefits:

Reduced Frizz:

Hair towels act as a sponge to sever the excess moisture from their hair without rubbing with friction, instead of making bulks of frizz and flyaways.

Enhanced Shine:

Slowly pat down your hair, hair towels will help you close the cuticles, so your hair looks smoother and shinier.

Enhanced Hair Shine

Faster Drying Time:

Being stretchable, hair towels will get your work done faster, leaving you with some more playtime and keeping your hair from getting overheated by blow dryers.

Improved Hair Health:

Ordinary towels can be tough on the scalp, causing brittle fibers to separate and damage your hair over time. Hair towels differ from bathroom towels by giving soft and gentle drying to your hair preserving a healthy look.

Convenient Design:

Multiple hair turbans include a unique design, such as a button closure or elastic band, which makes it easy to do hands-free drying and to go on with your daily routine.


How do I put my hair in a hair towel?

To create a hair turban, tilt your head, place the hair wrap towel on your neck gently, and wrap your wet hair into the towel. Then, flip the edge of hair wrap towel over your head and secure it at the back of your neck.

How long should you wear a hair towel?

Put your hair in and twist up. Keep the towel on while you dress up, apply your makeup, and so on. It is recommended to keep the towel on for at least 10 minutes.

How to use a hair towel while sleeping?

To sleep with a hair towel, make sure you avoid twisting too tight your hair wrap or else you risk breaking excess strands. Keep the towel all night and experience a peaceful sleep.

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